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The Intuitive, Online Consultation with Jessy Furniel


The Intuitive Consultation is intended as informational guidance* to assist you to evaluate, consider and bring into light a broader perspective to aid you transcend what's being manifested in your life for your greatest and highest good. *Disclaimer: this is not legal, medical, life-decision advice!

I'll be sharing all intuitively channeled information as I may receive during your consultation. I will also answer your questions pertaining work, relationship, money, love and projects.  Come ready to ask your questions!

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Inner Cosmos, Crystalline Quantum Experience

via private Video Meeting 

Recommended for beginners to energy-based modalities

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exclusive to Anchorage Metro Area

Recommended for acquainted to energy-based modalities

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The Inner Cosmos - Crystalline Quantum Experience is your most personalized divine experience. If you ever wondered:

  • What's hindering my happiness?
  • What's blocking my professional success?
  • Why can't I lose weight?
  • Why do I have back luck? Love, Family, Career, Money...
  • Why do I feel different?
  • Is this my life's purpose?

As the complex and unique being you are, there is more within you, patiently waiting for YOU to discover the many layers behind what's been manifested in your reality. Here's is when I lend my hand to assist you!

  • Did you inherit those limiting beliefs?
  • Are you repeating past-life karma?
  • How are you blocking abundance in your life?
  • What's the higher purpose of those challenges in your life?

This personalized session is designed to amplify your experience with all my available resources, skills, intuitive & ancestral wisdom, spiritual gifts and complement it along with the guidance of your Higher Self and Spiritual Hierarchy, to assist you self-activate your own healing transformation into consciousness expansion.

That's why it is a Crystalline Quantum Experience, because with your consent, I work with ALL available information in your quantum field to assist you to maximize the intended outcome of your session.

Because if you want to see a clear vision, a clear path, a new breath of fresh air... Then the magnitude for all these shifts to manifest, depends in your initiative to hear the calling to take action. Are you willing to un-conver, stir-up, re-move all that's halting your highest good? I invite you to tell your EGO:

Is Time to Take the Stirring Wheel in Your Life, Book Your Inner Cosmos experience with Jessy Furniel, Quantum Energy Healer in Anchorage, AK