February 22nd at Noon Guest Speaker Jessy Furniel at LIVE BREATHE ALASKA on Facebook Live in Anchorage, AK

As if parenting in this "new age" wasn't enough, yes it is particularly challenging to grasps how to best support your intuitive child.

Lets see, if this workshop resonates with you:

  • Your child feels, talks, behaves or thinks like "an old soul"
  • Has either had episodes of: lucid night-terrors, recalls detailed vivid-dreams, maybe past-lives memories or has/had an "invisible friend(s)"
  • They easily read people's demeanor, thoughts or ¬†see "colors" around people
  • Unintentionally they easily pick up other people's emotions as their owns (alike empaths¬†do)
  • It is very loving towards others and has a special affinity towards plants, healing crystals and animals.
  • As a parent you feel very conflicted because the ways you were reared feels very off to both you and your child's happiness.
  • Both your emotional and mental balance seems like a rollercoaster as each developmental stage comes along...

Too often these wonderful souls are labeled and misguided as "hyper-active" because their imagination is always on high drive, or the other extreme as an "overly-sensitive" kid, simply because they feel beyond the acceptance of common society. It is also possible that you were also an intuitive kid who now also has an intuitive child, but since you didn't have any guidance on to support your own... Does that resonate with you?

I'm thrilled to tell you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Your Child is perfect, and you two chose each other to be Parent & Child in this lifetime's role. So let's start your family's consciousness expansion journey!!!

In this workshop you will learn the basics on:

  • How to Support Your Intuitive Kids Struggles¬†
  • Shifting Parenting Societal Challenges with Confidence
  • Kids' Energetic Hygiene & Empowerment Practices
  • Mental & Emotional Balance

If you haven't listened to our Parenting Intuitive Kids podcast, I highly encourage you to listen now! Get a head start on the conversation and come ready to get direct answers in this workshop.

Requirement: an open heart ūüíó¬†This is a kindred souls gathering to learn and exchange compassionate support.

What to bring: for kids - light snack, small toy, yoga mat, coloring pencils and paper - and - Parents: notepad and pen.

Refreshment: organic loose leaf tea will be provided.

Location:  Live Breathe Alaska  121 Fireweed Lane Suite 200. Anchorage, AK 99503



The Empowered Empath May 19 to 21, 2023 retreat

8 spots exclusive.

Your 3 Days Of Powerfully Curated Deep Healing Experience Of Inner Awakening, Clearing & Consciousness Expansion To Reawaken THE EMPOWERED EMPATH IN YOU!



Monthly Group Gathering via ZOOM ~ Every 1st Wednesday @6pm AKST

60 MINS. - $17

Join your kindred community for 60 minutes gathering, to share and support your consciousness expansion journey and receiving a collective reading and Q&A directly with Jessy. 

All ZOOM details will be emailed 24 hours prior we meet.

  • Each purchase valid once per month.
  • does not equal or substitute a private session
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Encuentro Grupal "Bi-Mensual" en ESPA√ĎOL via ZOOM¬†~ Cada 1er Mi√©rcoles @12p.m. AKST

60 MINS. - $17

Cada 2 meses nos reunimos via ZOOM por 60 minutos con el colectivo de almas afines para compartir y apoyar vuestro transito de expansión de consciencia, y recibir lectura colectiva más apoyo de preguntas y respuestas directamente con Jessy.

Las instrucciones para el ZOOM serán enviadas via email con 24 horas de antelación.

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