Jessy Furniel's, Quantum Energy Healer in Anchorage, Alaska Metropolitan area, Client Testimonial by Mary Mccormick, Owner and Yoga Instructor of All Life Is Yoga in Eagle River, AK

I had a wonderful energy session with Jessy. She is welcoming, kind and insightful. She guided me with gentleness throughout my session, I felt safe. Jessy during our time encouraged me to ask myself questions, because every answer is truly inside of me/us. At first I was hesitant with the questions and then as I relaxed more and continued to ask, these images and answers felt stronger. I really liked the use of the crystals, and cards. Lots of confirmations come through for me. I am looking forward to my next session and I encourage all of you to try it. In healing and learning, I have come to realize there are a lot of tools out there for us to try and see what works. 

In Love and Light, Mary McCormick, Owner ALL LIFE IS YOGA

Logo of The Everyday Sage by Jen Merrell, Reiki Master and Owner of Joule Wellness in Anchorage, Alaska

Jessy is a warm and welcoming soul, and one who provides a safe space to open up and explore the mind. For a regression session, she gently guided me into a meditative state and together we navigated areas in my past that needed to be understood. Being my first time regressing to past memories, I was surprised at how easily I was able to drop-in, a testament to how comfortable Jessy made me feel in her presence. Her process is simple for the client, yet in-depth. I especially appreciate her attentiveness in choosing specific crystals for my needs, which made me feel very seen.

Jen Merrell, @everyday__sage logo . Alaska number one hydrotherapy in Wasilla, Alaska

The whole experience was amazing !!! Transforming my being to a different level. Happier as I think back and enjoy repeatedly. Complete Satisfactionūüíú

Tina Williams, Owner of Feel Better Naturally 

Gratitude for Client Praises for Jessy Furniel, Quantum Energy Healer in Anchorage, Alaska

Jessy’s openness and acceptance was wonderful. Made the whole session great.

Kyle Harrington 

Gratitude for Client Praises for Jessy Furniel, Quantum Energy Healer in Anchorage, Alaska

My session with Jessy consisted of a past life regression. Jessy was incredibly kind and comforting through the entire sessions. She showed much compassion especially when I was confronted with a very tragic life and death experience. She allowed me to vibrate the trauma of that life out of body, because I was unconsciously carrying it with me, and once the trauma was removed I was finally able to truly heal and see the purpose of that life. Thus Jessy being a practitioner of several different type of quantum healing, she was able to get to the core root of my trauma, providing amazing life changing results. Jessy is truly a rainbow starseed!!! She has an amazing gift!!

Katie Patel