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  • "I've had so many spiritual healings before my session with Jessy, but her calling is something else. Highly recommend!


  • "She has such a gentle and profound healing gift. Still days after my session, I was feeling in the clouds!"


  • "I'm impressed how I felt energy within me!"


  • "Such a beautiful experience, this is something else! I'm already looking forward to my next session!"


  • "Her oracle readings and intuition are absolutely spot on"


  • "Speechless in a good way about the overall experience, WOW!"


Jessy Furniel, Quantum Energy Healer and Psychic Channeler in Anchorage, Alaska

Hello Beautiful Soul! I'm Jessy Furniel, your Quantum Energy Healer in Anchorage, Alaska; with services in both English and Español.

Have you been feeling emotionally offPerhaps professionally stuckor... Simply wondering what's not resonating with your life anymore? If you've resonated, lets talk!

I help people transcend their energetic blockages & limiting patterns, so they can self-activate their own healing transformation into consciousness expansion.

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I provide you with personalized intuitive channeled energy services by appointments either online (via Zoom) and select in-person (individuals and private events) to the Anchorage, Alaska area.

Jessy meditating with the Elementals Realm at Girdwood, Alaska

Among my skills, gifts and knowledge, are:

  • Awake Trance Meditation Facilitator
  • Past Life Regressions
  • Ancestral Clearing & Transmutation        
  • Multidimensional Soul Healing
  • Higher Realms Communication
  • Aura Evaluator
  • Oracle Reading
  • Multidimensional Healing with Dragons
  • Clairsentient, Psychic Empath, Energy Channeling
  • Pendulum Consultation
  • Energetic Evaluation & Recalibration
  • Energetic Bodies Cleansing and Harmonious Re-Alignment
  • Hollographic Projection
  • Zhineng QiGong 
  • and more.

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Before you start setting up your New Year Get Fit resolutions, first ensure to calibrate the energetic alignment of your body by Registering to this Guided Meditation by Quantum Energy Healer in Anchorage, Alaska - Jessy Furniel to Harmonize Your Body For The New Year 2023


Before setting your NEW YEAR wellness resolution:

  • Have you asked your body if is ready?
  • Is your communication in sync with your sacred temple?
  • Would you like to explore how to effectively experience a harmonious calibration of mind, body and spirit? 

Gift yourself this self-care boost to kickstart 2023 in-tune from head to toe glowing with love, compassion and understanding of your precious body 🧘‍♀️ 




Schedule your appointment for your High Vibrational guidance 2023 Oracle Card Reading by Jessy Furniel
60 mins. - $75

This exclusive Oracle Card Reading is intended to assist you to evaluate, consider and bring into light a broader perspective of what are the energies available for you into the New Year 2023!

During this reading I will also answer your questions pertaining work, relationship, money, love and projects. As well, provide you with intuitively channeled information as I may receive during your reading.



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