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Hello Beautiful Soul! I'm Jessy Furniel, your Quantum Energy Healer in Anchorage, Alaska; with services in both English and Español.

Have you wondered:

  • What's hindering your happiness? 
  • What's blocking your abundance? 
  • Why do I feel stuck?  
  • Are you craving a more fulfilling life? 

I help people transcend their energetic blockages & limiting patterns, so they can self-activate their own healing transformation into consciousness expansion.

Are you ready to find out?

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  • read testimonials  HERE

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Jessy meditating with the Elementals Realm at Girdwood, Alaska

Jessy has always lived between two realities on Earth and the Sky. As a Quantum Energy Healer she’s a conduit of energy with a responsibility to assist. She’s a clairsentient empath, energy channeler, with an intuitive understanding in diverse modalities of accessing the quantum energy field. She has recognized that her gifts, skills, life experiences and studies, are all present for a higher purpose. Sharing guidance on Parenting Intuitive Kids and helping kindred souls determined to transform their blockages into consciousness expansion. Offering individual sessions and private events in the Anchorage metro area.


A new way to further ease each experience to freely flow, one session at a time.



Join Katie Patel and me, Jessy Furniel, the co-hosts and creators of the Parenting Intuitive Kids Podcast; as we explore the challenges of parenting the new generation of intuitive kids. Bringing a higher awareness of the new heart center society, that is our young children.

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